Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Night of Unnamed Ponderings - Summary

It is not entirely clear how writing serves to lance the boil of my unutterably darkest feelings, but to some degree it does. I claim neither art, nor beauty, nor skill in their writing. The merely are. For you who suffer through them, I hope you come out the other side unscathed. It is necessary to pass them on if I wish to be free of them.

A Night of Unnamed Ponderings 9

​You try to fill the yawning darkness with many a pint of ale
And many a plate of the finest foods, hearty, halcyon, and hale
But ne'er a drop
The black gulf rises
Nor smidge if distance it finds as
The demons eat your insides​​

A Night of Unnamed Ponderings 8

From inside the cave, I shone my light, but teas not enough to fight back the shadows, and not a soul saw it 'fore the demons consumed my heart.

A Night of Unnamed Pondering 7

The horror of the tattoos writ cross my soul will not brook the paltry shadows of tattoos upon my body.

A Night of Unnamed Pondering 6

​As windows to the soul, mine eyes must be no more than pin pricks, for I do not see the recoils of fear and revulsion this dark strain of mine should create.

A Night of Unnamed Pondering 5

Put me in a dark enough place and I shall light the world with the sickly light of my putrescent words

A Night of Unnamed Pondering 4

Threads of connection
Wandering from soul to soul
Pathways of happiness
My heart shall never know

A Night of Unnamed Pondering 3

I see mirrors of solitude
In every silent face
Casting judgment on my heart
I see wells of silence
In every mordant place
Cementing me apart
I find violent muses
In every public space
Fueling the darkest of my art

A Night of Unnamed Pondering 2

There are days I wish the words wouldn't come haunting my soul with their meanings fraught with heartache. Like a Lovecraftian protagonist, I'd rather not have seen their depths, nor touched upon the meanings which carry madness.

A Night of Unnamed Pondering 1

Darkness singing
Hunger bringing
Appetites unsatisfied
Urges pounding
Senses drowning
Bringing teardrops to my eyes
Feeling lonely
Oh, if only
Someone was here now by my side
Bleeding making
My heart aching
Lost in the darkness deep inside

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Darkness

The darkness, like a beast,
Consumes my soul.
It eats.
It feasts.

The darkness, like a storm inside,
Turns me black.
It rages,
And I hide.

The darkness, like a black hole,
Pulls me in.
Won't let me go.

I flee the darkness,
And crave escape,
But I bring it with me,
When e'er I wake.