Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Dread Letter Box

Bit traveled down Neuron Road and past Synapse Way.  The further he got from headquarters, the more intimidating the surroundings looked.  Tenements, like stark prisons, securely guarded by tight faced guards severely limiting the passage of the craftsmen and their resources.  Some muscles looked cramped and dark, frightful in their claustrophobic closeness.

Thankfully, Bit's trip was a short one.  HQ to the neck in no time flat.  Arriving in the appropriate place, Bit surveyed the area around him.  He couldn't imagine more tenseness after a tank assault on Tienanmen Square. Shrugging, Bit took another look at the instructions that came with this communication.  He was going to need a boost for this one.

Pulling out his megaphone, Bit drew himself up to full power and blasted, "HURT!" Bit cringed as the effects of his message were absorbed by the surroundings.  He really hated working headache duty.

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