Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Trolls Eat Men

Long, long ago, trolls mostly ate the sheep that strangely stood
together in the fields.  Sometimes, men would run around making noises
and throwing things at the trolls.  When the men came close, the
trolls would eat them too.

One day, Albert, who was considered a very odd sort of troll, posed a
question.  He asked, "I wonder if the men mind being eaten?"

Mostly, this made the other trolls look at him sideways and keep their
distance.  It was crazy to ask what men thought.  How could men think?
 They were just animals in the fields, like the sheep.  Only trolls
could think.

But, Albert was determined to find an answer.  He knew that when a
troll was upset he would begin to breathe faster and more loudly.
Albert decided to create a test.

He would put two men in a room.  Albert would eat one of the men and
see which man seemed upset.  Then, he would record his results.

Time after time, Albert got the same results.  The man who was not
eaten seemed very upset indeed.  The man Albert ate didn't seem upset.
 In fact, he hardly seemed to breathe at all.  The answer was clear,
though not what Albert expected.  Men preferred being eaten to not
being eaten.

Albert explained the results to the king who made a royal decree;
trolls would eat men.  After all, it was what the men preferred.

And that is why, today, trolls only eat men and never eat sheep at all.

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