Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Biology 101

I was a late starter.  I never kissed a girl or went on a date until my senior year of high school.  Even then, I only went out with two women.  With the first, it ended badly.  The second was with a college ballerina with a black belt in tae kwon do who was home on spring break.  With both, I never did more than kissing, though hindsight suggests I could probably have done more with both.

I was still a virgin when I started with the Navy.  After boot camp, I made my way up to the Presidio of Monterey where the Defense Language Institute would be me home for a year and a half.  For my first month at DLI, I couldn't leave the base and I couldn't wear any civilian clothes.  The closest I was allowed was PT (physical training) clothes when I wasn't on duty.  Basically, this meant sweat pants and a tshirt.

I spent a lot of time hanging out at the barracks.  The first week I was there, I also tried out for the imaginary drill team.  I'd done drill in junior ROTC and enjoyed the physical dexterity and timing it required.  Unfortunately, Monterey didn't really have enough people for a real Navy drill team so that didn't last.  I did, however meet Nancy (name changed to protect the guilty).  She was trying to start the drill team.

Nancy and I hit it off fairly well.  A few days later, I was hanging out with her and 5-6 other people.  We were watching a movie in Nancy's room.  I was sitting against the wall on Nancy's bed and she had backed up against me between my legs.  During the movie, she started rubbing against me.  I was very aroused.  I think I mentioned, I was still a virgin?  Nothing like a virgin 18 year old male to have a hair trigger.  Her rubbing made me cream in my pants.  This embarrassed me to no end, but I was still hot an bothered.

After the movie, everyone left and I stayed.  Nancy and I made out and started some heavy petting.  Eventually, this led me to giving her several orgasms with my fingers.  Her pants were still on, but I have a high awareness of tactile sense.  In high school, I used to solve three dimensional puzzles with my eyes closed just to develop a higher awareness of what I could feel.  I used that well developed sense to explore the female body for the first time.  I was awkward and embarrassed at my early ejaculation so that is as much as we did.  It turned out, she was a little crazy and I broke it off with her shortly after that.  We never did repeat that scene.

A bit later, I got interested in Lisa.  I'd met Lisa in Nancy's room that night.  Lisa and I hung out our first night in the lounge in her barracks.  I don't remember the exact rule, but for some reason, I wasn't allowed to go into her room yet, maybe the restrictions on the first month.  One of the watch standers would periodically come through the various barracks lounges checking on people.  This chance of getting caught made it all the more exciting when I had her shirt up around her shoulders and I was sucking on her nipples or exploring the generous curves of her breasts with my mouth.

Lisa and I were together for a couple years.  She took my virginity.  She also took my innocence, but that is a different story.  Still, it was quite surprising when Nancy came to me several months later and told me she was pregnant with my child.  Yes, I was a virgin when I groped her.  I had, however, had basic biology and sex education, not to mention an extremely well rounded education from constant reading.  Basic biology suggested that if there were no sperm to vagina contact, impregnation was impossible.  It turned out that Nancy tried the "I'm pregnant with your baby" routine on nearly every guy she ever dated.  I'm so glad I was ashamed of coming early that first night, or I might have believed her.

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