Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Exquisite Weakness

In the morning
First thought, first sign of life
Is of you though it should be my wife

In the night
Last thought of the night
Is are you there on the other side

The stories changing
And it continues to evolve
And I fear you'll soon regret my love

I wish affection
Were everything I felt
But I have got to play the hand I'm dealt

Words I can't say
But they will haunt me still
And future choices require acts of will

My perfect weakness
With whom I cannot lie
My one and only whom the world's denied.

Exquisite weakness
What have I done
To deserve a life so long

Without you near me
It has all gone wrong
I wish together was where we belonged

Oh, please ignore me
As I sing this song
I love to love you but I do you wrong

To push and prod you
To make you feel
Exquisite weakness, I wish that I weren't real.

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